Crock Pot Chili The combination of sausage and ground beef make this a really tasty recipe.

Shrimp-Chile Bisque — This fabulous recipe came from Southern Living Magazine.

Split Pea Soup Mom made this soup a lot in the wintertime. It is still a great favorite of everyone except Marilyn (who never did care for it). The more liquid you can cook out of it, the thicker and better it gets.

Turkey Leftover Soup Dick says, "I found the turkey soup recipe in a magazine while I was sitting around in a doctor's office many years ago. I didn't want to tear up the magazine, so I copied it onto the back of a check deposit slip...the only thing I had at the time. Ever since, we can't have a turkey dinner without my making the soup. For some strange reason, Jackie figures that after spending hours in the kitchen making the main meal, it's my job to make the soup. Part of cleaning up, I guess."