Peanut Carrot Cake

(One for the Poochies)

Combine dry ingredients together in a bowl. Add remaining ingredients and mix well, but quickly and bake in a greased ring mold at 325º for 40 minutes.

I stir together the flours and the baking soda, then use a Cuisinart™ or other food processor to chop the peanuts and carrots very fine. Do the peanuts first, then the carrots. I cut the carrots into small pieces until they just overflow a measuring cup, then chop them up very fine in the processor. Mix the carrots into the flour thoroughly until every morsel is coated with flour. I consider all of that the dry ingredients. For the remaining ingredients, just add them all in and mix well. It should come out roughly the consistency and color of a goopy peanut butter. I have a measuring cup with a ¼ cup line, so I use it to add the oil then the honey. The honey flows very nicely that way. The resulting cake freezes nicely and the ring mold makes nice portion guidelines. When I serve it to the dogs, I crumble the cake up, otherwise they would inhale it whole.