Eggs and Cheese

Dad's Crepes -- These crepes have a history. Our family had a breakfast schedule that you could set your clock by: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday -- cold cereal; Tuesday -- soft-boiled or poached eggs; Thursday -- french toast; Friday -- fried eggs; Sunday -- scrambled eggs. Somewhere during junior high, when Jani was the only kid still living at home and Dad stayed home until she went to school, he began experimenting with the Friday fare. At first he learned to make omelettes and a special "puffy omelette" (that sometimes came out sort of "greenish") that he would cook in the electric skillet. Then, he began reducing a recipe for crepes, perfecting the amount, consistency and technique until he could make just two beautiful crepes. The filling would often be leftovers -- meat and/or vegetables in a homemade sauce -- all topped with a cheese sauce. The memories of those mornings together are as good as the crepes!