Class Autographs
Nov. 23, 1891                       Carthage, Indiana.
                   Miriam P. Parker
Forbidden waters taste sweet.
Soon you will taste waters
That are unforbidden and sweet.

May 21, 1892                   Mooresville, Ind.
                   Mabel Barnett
Well Mary if I had Barns I
should worry a lot and build
a house.

                   Evansville, Ind.
              		June 21, 1913
Best Wishes
	Flora Wittenbraker
           Nov. 15, 1893

                Greenfield, Ind.
Always take care of Barn.
                  Bernice Boone
                     March 25, 1894.

N.B. These women were classmates at Earlham College after high school. Dates prior to 1911 probably are birth-dates. ~wrp