Martinsville Indiana High School Class of 1911
Back Row:[Harry A. Shireman?], Karl B. Major, [?], [faculty?], Horace A. Norman, [Fred Rhae Williams?], Forest A. Maxwell, Camden R. Robinson, [Walter L. Bailey?], [Harlan J. Wilson?]
Third Row:[?], [Georgia Alyse Schuck?], Faye Schuck, Mary Elizabeth Shireman, Charlotte T. Umversaw, [Oma Mannan?], [Merle Baughn?], Iva Frances Coffey, [Edna Geraldine Brown?], Grace V. Wallace
Second Row:Carl Reed Mitchell, Chester W. Jones, Glendyn Irene Hastings, Marie McKinley, [Ruth Louise Henson?], Laura Grace Burkett, Earle M. Johnson, [Millard Herbert Overton?]
Front Row:[Noyelles Nutter], Charles A. Hart, [Raymond Elliott Cramer?], Otto Renner, Lewis Edwin Skaggs
Not Pictured?Edda Gerald Brown?, Vira Orr?

N.B. The original photo contained no information as to who was who. Presumptive identifications here are based on comparisons with the labeled photos in the remainder of the book. ~wrp