Peanut Butter Play Dough (Edible)No joke, you can really eat this stuff! For when your mother won't let you play with your food.

Peanut Carrot Cake (for dogs) -- Dick says, "The peanut carrot cake for the dogs came from the newspaper, I think. Anyway, it is a real hit with every dog that has tried it. I sampled it once myself...a little on the dry side."

Play DoughWhy spend lots of money on buying it when you can make it so easily?

Russian Tea MixDoree has made this recipe for a spiced instant tea mix for years. So far as we know, there's nothing "Russian" about it beyond its name. Great on a cold winter morning.

Texas Slop This recipe comes from a Neiman-Marcus cookbook and is the best slop on ribs or burgers that you ever had. The original recipe intructs you to slop it on with a stick tied with a rag, a la Texas style.